As humans, we are susceptible to many injuries and ailments. But as humans, over time and through evolution have also raised to a point where we can treat various fatal health conditions. We have invented and discovered numerous methods to improve human life expectancy. Experiments and studies have often produced astonishing results and methodologies for treating various health concerns.

Science and technology go hand in hand. There is no doubt that technology has contributed to the most significant solutions of all times. It has helped save a lot of lives, and we still strive to find better solutions to make life easier and better. A human mind has no bounds and one such magnificent inventions of all times in medical sciences in arthroscopy.

Human bones are strong. But they do succumb to injury during unfortunate events. It is a very complex and delicate procedure to work on a bone injury and especially when they are in joints. Times like this, arthroscopy helps in dealing with the utmost care. Let us understand what is arthroscopy exactly. Like any other surgery, arthroscopy is also a surgical procedure that allows doctors to visualize the inside of a joint.

How arthroscopy is performed?

Arthroscopy helps doctors treat problems inside a joint. Joints are the most complex parts of the human body and are not easy to open and operate. In arthroscopy, a small slit will be made on a person’s body, and a pencil-like tube is sent inside the body. This instrument contains a tiny lens and a projector to a flashlight that depicts the images of tissues, ligaments, muscles and other internal parts of a joint. This lens is attached to a television or a projector that shows a bigger picture of the body part.

Like any other surgery, an arthroscopy also requires sedating a person not to feel the pain. The right dose of anesthesia keeps the person unaware of the pain. A general or spinal or local anesthesia is given before the surgery. The small incision made on the skin is dressed post-surgery.

The need for arthroscopy

It is not every time that an ailment has to be cured through major surgery. Arthroscopy specialist in Chennai helps eliminate the risk of unnecessary open surgery. This process helps the doctor to analyze the intensity of the condition. The camera attached to the instrument displays an image of the joints, and the doctors examine the injury. If the damage is severe or fatal, an operation is done to set it right. On the other hand, if the injury is minimal, the doctor suggests an alternative to cure it.

Post-Surgery recovery is essential, and your body has to be taken care of properly. Consult your orthopaedic doctors as to what precautions have to be taken. Diet, exercise or medicines, make sure you follow the schedule religiously. An arthroscopy usually does not require immense efforts. The incision made at the time of procedure is dressed in cotton, which can be removed in two days. Depending on the condition of the body, the surgeon may also prescribe some painkillers. This will help alleviate pain from the incision.

What are the advantages of Arthroscopy?

The arthroscopy is considered a Minimally invasive procedure because it allows the surgeon to both view and treat a joint without it full opening out.

The recovery faster and less painful in arthroscopic surgery.

Improved visualization

Arthroscopy Specialist in Chennai

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