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Dr. MMR Knee Clinic

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Welcome to Dr.MMR Knee Clinic

Knee pain and joint inflammation are silent issues in today’s world. Many people are afflicted by them, and yet, suffer in silence, bearing the pain. In reality, these ailments can be cured through solutions that are effective lifelong. These methods are effective and employ the latest state-of-the-art techniques to remedy knee and joint problems for good.

Sunway Knee Clinic is a step towards providing patients with comprehensive solutions in the field of orthopaedics. Helmed by Dr Madan Mohan Reddy, one of the best orthopaedic doctors in Chennai, Sunway Knee Clinic offers treatment for a wide range of bodily pains and aches, taking a 360-degree approach right from diagnosis, all the way up to treatment and rehabilitation. It is this vision that is set to propel us to becoming a premier orthopaedic clinic in the city. 

Our Sunway Story

Sunway Knee Clinic was inaugurated by Dr K. Rosaiah, the then-governor of Tamil Nadu, on 19th February 2016. Since the inception of the clinic, we have always strived to attain excellence in both our surgical techniques as well as consultation services. The focus has always been on providing excellent outpatient as well as in-patient treatment, and to ensure that every patient receives individual care and attention to alleviate their pain to the best possible extent. It is this dedication to service that has seen us rise in the ranks as a premier ortho clinic in Anna Nagar Chennai. Since our humble beginnings in 2016, we have pushed the envelope consistently to excel in the services we provide, thanks to the guidance of Dr Madan Mohan Reddy, the captain of the ship. Over the years, we have put together a team of qualified specialists across all fields of orthopaedics, to bring the best techniques currently known and available to our patients. Along this journey, we have also fitted our clinic with state-of-the-art technology and medical apparatus, on par with global standards in orthopaedics.

The laurels we have received along the way have only strengthened our motivation and drive to provide the best services to orthopaedic patients.

Our Services

Sunway Knee Clinic offers a wide range of services in the orthopaedic arena. From a broad perspective, our services can be classified into the brackets of:

  • Knee replacement surgery:  With our tried-and-tested surgical techniques, patients get the best in terms of knee replacement at our orthopaedic clinic in Chennai.We analyse every condition individually per patient and provide consultation accordingly.
  • Arthroscopic surgery: Sunway Knee Clinic offers effective solutions for a wide range of joint ailments and problems, treating the issues at hand once and for all. What’s more, we try to get it done in the most painless way possible, with our arthroscopic methods.

Over the years, Sunway Knee Clinic has won many accolades, cementing itself as a premier orthopaedic clinic in Chennai. Among the laurels the clinic has won, the Gold Medal in MS Ortho and the 2016 International Healthcare Awards shine bright, as hallmarks of our quality service.

Come and consult with our experts at Sunway Knee Clinic to avail comprehensive solutions to all your orthopaedic issues.

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